Why Hapan?

Hapan is an educational mobile app for kids, made with love by parents, family members, educators and who care about children. This app consists of a variety of cartoon stories, learning games and so much more. Everything in the app is designed from the kid’s perspective.
Hapan is a step up from traditional education methods. Undoubtedly, the app increases productivity and effectiveness in child’s learning with the use of new technology.

What comes with Hapan?

Discover 20+ interactive educational activities and fun games that make learning joyful!

සිංහල අකුරු
ඉංග්‍රීසි අකුරු
හෝඩි පොත
ඉලක්කම් හෝඩිය
රූප පොත
චිත්‍ර පොත
රූප සෙල්ලම්
ජිග්සෝ සෙල්ලම්
කැරකෙන ජිග්සෝ
අකුරු තෝරමු - සිංහල
අකුරු තෝරමු - ඉංග්‍රීසි
ඉලක්කම් තෝරමු
අකුරු හරඹ - සිංහල
අකුරු හරඹ - ඉංග්‍රීසි
දත් පුංචා
හා පැංචා
මැජික් බෝලේ
කැවුම් හොරා
රෝස කුමාරි

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Rs 5 /Day

100,000+ Downloads

Hapan is a Digital Education App designed for Sri Lankan Kids to teach them Sinhala/English letters, numbers & shapes in a more attractive & interactive way in Sinhala by letting kids have fun while learning.

Rs 3 /Day

50,000+ Downloads

Grade 5 scholarship exam is an important turning point in child's education. Hapan has developed an app, "SuperKids" to help your children in facing the scholarship exam. It also helps nurturing child's intelligence.

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